“Human” shares etymological ground with “humus”, rich earth (in Hebrew, adam). We humans, like countless living things before us and with us, grow out of fecund soil upwards towards the light.

     However, our down-to-earth view rarely sees the true horizon of our possibility, and in modern times is downright incredulous about the voice of the supposed “other” race of beings, those not “human”, not of earth ascending upwards, but the gods and the race of the descended Beings (crossing-down = ava-tara). Distinctively different from common and even extraordinary women and men, these rarest of people are described as fully conscious and freely feeling, the pure, the Heaven Born, the virgin-birthed, the God-descended-One, the Divine Person Incarnate, Enlightened Love Incarnate.

     It has been often reported that these “unborn” Ones took on an ordinary-looking form in order to teach the Way of Truth and demonstrate the very Heart to us self-oriented, dirty humans. These coming-down servants stand at the root of most of the world’s religions.

     The Bhagavad Gita sings Krisna’s words clearly. “When righteousness declines and there is no love, I assume the form of man and I rise again. But I am not born and I shall never die.”

     Avatar Adi Da states self-evidently, “Spiritually Realized Adepts (or Transmission-Masters, or True Gurus) are the principal Sources, Resources, and Means of the esoteric (or Spiritual) Way. This fact is not (and never has been) a matter of controversy among real Spiritual practitioners.”

     Strikingly, it is reported that to simply be in the Company of these “Transmission-Masters” was/is considered sufficient to mature in perfect happiness. The core of these religions is not found in a set of ideas, but in relationship with the Incarnation.

     The Master-devotee relationship is particularly difficult for the modern mind, full of egalitarian, abstract, and worldly presumptions. For membership in the “human” race is supposed to be of the earth growing upward. We may accept a prophet or messenger of God, but “the Mouth of God” seems heretical, doesn’t it?


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