The Yoga of Religion

     It’s not muscles that connect and hold our bones together, but rather ligaments. “Ligament” is rooted in the Latin ligare, “to bind or connect”. Tear your ACL and you want it reconnected right away.

     Now if you are feeling disconnected from others, everything, and even yourself, you want and need the feeling of connectedness. That’s re-ligare, religion. Just like no one complains about rebinding a ligament, no one should complain about real religion. Real religion is not objectionable myth nor provincial dogma; “religion” is that which serves the feeling of connectedness.

     An etymological cousin of the Hindi “yoga” is the English “yoke”, also meaning to bind or connect. In India, yoga is to connect or bind oneself to the Divine. Original religion is the same as original yoga: to connect to the fundamental reality, to yoke ourselves to the Wholeness that reveals itself to be divine.


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