“Conscious” is Latin in origin; con-, “with” plus scire, “to know”. Scire is also the root of that growing body of knowledge called “science”. Of course, “conscience” fits perfectly here as well.

     Scire’s deepest root is the PIE root skei- “to cut or split”, illuminated well via an etymological cousin, “shed”. As rain is split off, the shed cuts a dry difference. This cutting discrimination delineates the form of knowledge and science.

     In India we find the sword of discrimination or vivek. The bliss of discernment was certainly demonstrated by the aptly named, “Swami Vivekananda.”

     We cut through myth and make science. We even cut through science and purely enquire, abandoning knowledge like yesterday’s newspaper. As we mature in cutting through all forms of knowledge, we graciously and mysteriously find ourselves within the formless shine that illuminates every yes and no, every dream and every awakening. This mysterious state of un-tensed awareness, both within and everywhere, is called “consciousness” itself.

     The sages agree: Consciousness becomes stable as we exercise discrimination, discernment, and the illumination of our unconscious and subconscious scripts. A lifetime dedication to uncover every limitation is needed. Self-understanding has always been the eternal requirement for eternal awareness.

     We may seek for solutions, we may resolve to grow, we may pray for dissolution in God, but beyond the world of changes is the ab-solute and formless consciousness and luminosity that informs our every thought and witnesses every state. Absolute consciousness is beyond birth and death, beyond all solutions, transcending every event as it informs every moment.

      Consciousness itself is not a further abstraction, as if we could mentally package awareness (just a few gold coins away), but is the native brightness that inherently shines when we cease to cover it.


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