Ten Spiritual Principles of Discipline

Wisdom I Learned from Adi Da Samraj


Ten Spiritual Principles of Discipline

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Discipline is most often spoken of and defined in terms of control, psychology, and management, but these contexts limit both the conception of discipline and its artful implementation. Our management and psyches benefit from a spiritual appreciation of discipline, free of religious games of guilt and control, and free of the provincialism of humanistic psychology.

No issue is more central to the education and raising of children than discipline. Therefore, let us look afresh at the spiritual principles that underlie both religious training and the mechanics of utilitarian management, and re-inspire our art of discipline.

Please note: I speak as a teacher and a father, attempting to elucidate principles that are useful to both parenting and teaching. Sometimes I speak as a parent, other times as a teacher, where I see particular emphasis is needed. If you are only a parent or only a teacher, I beg your tolerance for my inclusion of both views.