Recollections of Sokrates

An Intimate View of the Sage of Athens

The View from Delphi   

Rhapsodies on Hellenic Wisdom &

An Ecstatic Appreciation of Western History

Deep Roots: Illuminations in Etymology

including: The Error of Belief

My Art & Secret

Songs of Deliverance

A Depository of Orphic Wisdom


Big Philosophy for Little Kids

An Affective Curriculum While Learning to Write

CORE STORIES: Wise Tales, True Challenges, and Inspiring Biographies from Around the World

The Art of Teaching!     

What is it to really grow up?

"The Transcendence of Childhood" Ceremony

10 Spiritual Principles of Discipline

An Integral Approach to Affective Education  

from: Journal of Integral Theory -- Winter ’07


Nothing Makes Me Happy (forthcoming)

    three excerpts:

The Crucial Clarity: Understanding Adolescence

The Daylight Ones (Allegory of the Cave)                

The Three Hearts

Why I Am Not Only a Christian

Tribute to my Beloved Adi Da

  My Praise and Introduction to my Spiritual Teacher

A Monkey's Tale for the Divine Person:

Leelas in Praise of Beloved Adi Da Samraj


The SUPERPOWERS! of Fasting



The Man Who Owned The Sky

Thrilling Biography of the World’s Greatest Aviator and the Forgotten Father of Aerobatics

Spectacular Films (under construction)

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