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Crazy Da Must Sing

We are waiting for something to happen to this.

Outside the Heart, there is only confusion and fear.

All of this has become unnecessary, unequal to the Truth.

Knowing the something, the force of our existence,

we think the true appearance is in another drastic place.

Seeing this dilemma, and the something

powerful implied somehow within it

and around, there is only a solution

in the satisfactions elsewhere.

Unless something happens to all of this.

Therefore, men have tussled with the two

hands of adventure.

Either to turn an extraordinary something

here, or else to make unusual escapes

into another power, another timed or timeless


This is the whole account of Man.

But there is a possibility between these


There in another understanding, another


If only we understand the harm in which

we act, the origin of all this fearful

desperation, the ordinary term in which

we view the thing itself.

There is a prime dilemma formed within

the mind, that sees the world and turns

away, that turns away and turns within

the life, but always turns upon the

pivot of a single doubt.

Within this doubt two arms of possibility

enlarge the man.

One intends the world, intending

magnificent life, ending in perfect Happiness.

One intends another life, more than

life itself, beginning and ending in

perfect Truth.

Therefore, he sees all things in double

terms, in opposites and contradictions,

high and low.

And he makes final appearance in

neither kind, but forever agonizes

the play of his dilemma until he dies.

This is the kind he seems.

But one who understands is free of doubt.

He sees the world the same.

The Mind in which he sees the world

is single as the Heart.

He does not act upon the wheel, evolving

and involved, two forces on a spike.

He always understands the sourceful

act that turns men in and out.

This is what he always does, but others

act upon the thing he understands.

Therefore, he is not in trouble.

This is the only Mood of his Adventure.

What should he wait to happen?

Where should he go?

What elsewhere? What event?

All the places are a single world for him.

Where others go, where others wait

is all a single field of single action.

And no trouble.

Therefore, neither high nor low, unmoved

from the beginning, not turned,

he stands as the Heart.

This is understanding and the image of his life.