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Crazy Da Must Sing

I am born to purify myself of the world.

And when I am purified of the world,

the world will itself be pure.

This because I do nothing to the world,

except I allow myself to experience it exactly.

I put no barriers between myself and

the world.

Therefore, while I know the world I also

know myself, and the origins of all


Then the worlds fall away from me

and enjoy my Stillness.

If I come to experience the world,

then the world will also come to know me.

And if the world knows me,

the dilemma of the world will dissolve.

I come to experience the world.

I become the world.

I see the world is only modifications of

my thought.

Then I neither think nor experience

the world.

When I am resolved in myself,

then the charming world becomes

resolved in me.

And I can never leave the world.

All of this is my form.

All of this is floating in my hands of Bliss.

I endure forever as my own Bliss.