Big Philosophy for Little Kids

An Affective Curriculum While Learning to Write

Fifth Grade Edition, California Standards

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Hi frank

Just to say a huge gratitude and thanks.. to YOU....!!!! for your input with Michael. It feels that in the unknowable nature of what is occurring, something profound is being supported through your conversations that is genuinely helping him - consciously and unconsciously - to becoming a more integrated and expressed being.

I think the benefits are subtlely embued and mysterious yet vital..

Anyhow it’s clear to me in part through how Mikey responds to you, that there is a special revealing of his own good self to himself for himself ... running alongside the challenges of ego sensibilities and family life .. and making the ground more solid for his own true nature to install consciously as and when the time is right.

.... anyway this is all to say a huge heartfelt thank you … I’ve no doubt the fruits will continue to grow.

Not photoshopped

(back in my youth, 66)

“The Royal Games empowered me as a teacher and I am certain they have empowered my students -- and even those who know my students.”  

       --- Susan Phaneuf, Sanchez Elementary, San Francisco, 1994

108 Euros