I have been a student of Avatara Adi Da for four decades. In the deepest core of my heart, I see His eyes. I can exclaim many wonderful and brilliant points about my teacher, but most of all, I am in love. This is the best part of my relationship with Him. Beyond the plethora of radical spiritual understandings that have enlightened and empowered me, the love He gives does more than all those thoughts.

    I was originally moved to Avatara Adi Da by the realism of His teaching. His words cut through every limitation I presumed -- until I was awash by His Person in real ground and core truth. By such inundations and in His intimate sphere, I fell in love.

    Herein you will find some of my favorite introductory words, pictures, and talks, as well as links to movie clips. I pray that you too are served by the wisdom and heart-power of this divine Giver.

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    Please doubt this with every discrimination you have. Don't believe a thing I say, or that Adi Da says. Consider these bits of wisdom yourself.[A good introduction to the critical approach that is necessary is Adi Da's 19 minute address on cultism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8flLpaHkUQ. A full range of videos are at www.adidavideos.org and https://www.youtube.com/user/delphiyes and a host of studies can be found at www.adidam.org, www.beezone.com, and www.adidaupclose.org. ]

from Breath and Name (1977)

What is it that you mean, that you are signifying and pointing to, when you say or feel you are suffering, unhappy, not at ease? You are pointing to your own action and finding it as the experience of separation, contraction, pain. But it is the compulsive and presently not-conscious avoidance of relationship, relative to the Divine Presence, and relative to all arising conditions. When this action becomes your responsibility, then these experiences and concerns will become obsolete by degrees in the action of God Communion, and then in the intuition of your true Condition.

Also READ “The Primary Sensation”, or as my friend Joanne calls it, “self-understanding for dummies”.

Another one of my favorite summary passages is from The Way That I Teach (1977):

No practice realizes Truth. Truth is realized through the inspection of experience to the point of realizing that experience has no obligatory force and that none of it is the point of spiritual life. The point is this single responsibility, this single principle, this single inspection of your state in this moment, of your Narcissistic self-concern, of the contraction toward fear. Be responsible for that contraction so that you exist instead as Love, or God-Communion. That is everything. That is the whole Teaching.

There is nothing to be attained. There is a single principle for which we must be responsible, and that is God-Realization. It is not the way to God-Realization. It is God-Realization itself. It is the disposition in Truth. It is the Way of life. Once it is Realized, nothing else obliges us. In itself it is not a matter of any vision, any esoteric or worldly experience. All conditions, if they do arise, are undermined by the force of God Communion and are no longer obligatory, no longer your destiny. You pass right through them.

There is only one discipline: to become responsible for the contraction of feeling-attention by moving beyond fear in every moment into the disposition of love. It is the only discipline. If you will hear this, you do not have to do anything else. Live this process with me and it is always the same. It does not itself grow or change. It is simple, direct, absolute. I will always bring the argument to you in the form of your practice, until you actually come to the point of hearing me and transforming your life.

The images to the left are a tiny sampling of the art of Avatara Adi Da.  He has stated,The living body-mind inherently wants to realize the matrix of life, wants to allow the light into the 'room'. Making it possible for human beings to fulfill that impulse is what I work to do. My images are created to be a means of participating in reality as fundamental light, the world as light, relationship as light, conditional light as absolute light.

The 'room' is where the 'focal point' of ego happens. Ultimately, when the camera is transcended, there is no longer any 'room' at all, but only love-bliss-brightness limitlessly felt, in vast unpatterned joy.

Find out out His Work as The Divine Artist at Da Plastique http://www.daplastique.com/

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