The life and teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are of profound and decisive spiritual significance at this critical moment in history.


Senior Adviser at the United Nations

High Commission for Refugees;

former Dean of the Carmelite House of Studies, Australia;

former Dean of Trinity College, University of Melbourne

An exciting, stimulating and thought provoking book.... But more important, perhaps, it is a confirmation that a life filled with love instead of fear can lead to ultimately meaningful life and death.

Thank you for this masterpiece.


author, On Death and Dying

Adi Da is the transcendent and transformational Being of our era. He is the Good News Who has come in answer to our prayers.


former Member of U.S. Congress;

Executive Director, Voice of the Environment

It is obvious, from all sorts of subtle details, that he knows what IT's all about . . . a rare being.


I regard Adi Da Samraj as one of the greatest teachers in the Western world today.


Sufi teacher; author, Chasm of Fire

Adi Da Samraj is a man who has truly walked in Spirit and given true enlightenment to many.


founder, the Bear Tribe Medicine Society

A great teacher with the dynamic ability to awaken in his listeners something of the Divine Reality in which he is grounded, with which he is identified, and which, in fact, he is.


author, The Golden Dawn

Adi Da Samraj has spoken directly to the heart of our human situation — the shocking gravity of our brief and unbidden lives. Through his words I have experienced a glimmering of eternal life, and view my own existence as timeless and spaceless in a way that I never have before.


author, Planet Medicine; The Night Sky

My relationship with Adi Da Samraj over many years has only confirmed His Realization and the Truth of His impeccable Teaching. He is much more than simply an inspiration of my music, but is really a living demonstration that perfect transcendence is actually possible. This is both a great relief and a great challenge. If you thirst for truth, here is a rare opportunity to drink.


composer and musician, Deep Breakfast; The Sky of Mind;

and Ray Lynch, Best Of

Adi Da Samraj and his unique body of teaching work offer a rare and extraordinary opportunity for those courageous students who are ready to move beyond ego and take the plunge into deepest communion with the Absolute. Importantly, the teaching is grounded in explicit discussion of necessary psychospiritual evolution and guides the student to self-responsibility and self-awareness.


University of California, San Francisco,

School of Medicine;

Director, Complementary Medicine Research Institute,

California Pacific Medical Center

That God can, among other things, actually incarnate in human form once seemed unbelievable to me. But reading the books of Avatar Adi Da obliterated all doubt about the existence of God right now, here on Earth in human form.


psychologist; author, Bridging Heaven and Earth

and The Heart of Success

Fly to the side of this God-Man. His Divine Transmission works miracles of change not possible by any other Spiritual means.


author, The Kundalini Experience

I regard the work of Adi Da and his devotees as one of the most penetrating spiritual and social experiments happening on the planet in our era.


host, PBS television series, Thinking Allowed;

author, The Roots of Consciousness

Adi Da's Teachings have tremendous significance for humanity. . . . He represents a foundation and a structure for sanity.


psychiatrist; author, Out of Nowhere;

co-founder, The Lomi School and The Lomi Clinic

Nothing like this has ever been Revealed before. We have waited for this moment in history for countless lifetimes. Adi Da Samraj is the True Heart of the world.


philosopher, writer, and translator;

author, La Vipère et le Lion: La Voie radicale de la Spiritualité

Let me offer a personal opinion. I have put forward four or five books and some thirty odd articles devoted to a synthesis of Eastern and Western religion and psychology. Freud and Jung and Adler, Piaget and James and Sartre, Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism, Christianity and Islam and Zen I have spent my life studying these systems, profoundly sympathetic with their concerns, sincerely interested in their insights. I myself am no hero, but I honestly think that, by now, I can at least recognize real genius when it comes my way.

And my opinion is that we have, in the person of Da Free John, a Spiritual Master and religious genius of the ultimate degree. I assure you I do not mean that lightly. I am not tossing out high-powered phrases to "hype" the works of Da Free John. I am simply offering to you my own considered opinion: Da Free John's teaching is, I believe, unsurpassed by that of any other spiritual Hero, of any period, of any place, of any time, of any persuasion....

This is not merely my personal opinion; this is a perfectly obvious fact, available to anyone of intelligence, sensitivity, and integrity: THE DAWN HORSE TESTAMENT is the most ecstatic, most profound, most complete, most radical, and most comprehensive single spiritual text ever to be penned and confessed by the Human Transcendental Spirit. That seems an objective fact; here is my own personal and humbler opinion. I am honored (even awed) to be allowed in its Presence, to listen to and Hear the Potent Message of the Heart-Master Da.


philosopher, writer, Founder of Integral Institute

author of A Theory of Everything, Integral Psychology,  +++!