THe Sybil and Apollo’s ORacle


The Delphi Academy

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The Spiritual Foundations of Western Philosophy:

    A Closer Look at the Mystery Schools, Original Theology, and a Survey of Pre-Socratic Sages
Coursework for John F. Kennedy University Students

The Spiritual Practice of Critical Enquiry:

    A Tour of the Upanishadic “sheaths” and a Spectrum of Enquiries
Coursework for John F. Kennedy University Students

Education & Ecstasy
Coursework for John F. Kennedy University Students


Big Philosopy for Little Kids

    An Integral Curriculum that Empowers Student Writing Using Affective Passions

Divine Ignorance

On Putting the Mind in Its Place!

Trans-rational Thought Through the Ages: Interpretation, Sentience, Mindless Appreciation, and Intrinsic Awarenesss

Ten Spiritual Principles of Discipline

    For Teachers and Parents: On the    Primacy, Pleasure, and Obligation of Relationship

The Three Hearts and the Fullness of Love

    An Investigation and Clarification of sentiment, human maturity, and divine self-realization.

The Spiritual Giants Survey Series:

Spiritual Giants of India

Krisna and the Gopis, Gotama’s Blade and Void, Shankara’s Tour de Force, Kabir the Weaver, Ramakrishna’s Rapture, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Visions, and

Ramana Maharshi’s Enquiry into Identity and Being.

Spiritual Giants of Middle Earth

Imhotep of Egypt, Moses to Israel, Jesus of Galilee, Mohammed the Prophet, Rumi the Poet.

Spiritual Giants of the West

Orpheus, Xenophanes, Epimenides, Parmenides, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plotinus, and Avatara Adi Da.

Spiritual Giants of Asia

Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Da Mo, Shinran Shonin, Suzuki Roshi,

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