Big Philosophy for Little Kids

A Reading and Writing Adventure Through Time

Fifth Grade Edition, California Standards

©2010 Frank Marrero, M.A.T. These materials may be used freely to educate our children,
but do not use otherwise without written permission.

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About the Author

About the Author of Big Philosophy for Little Kids: 2012

Frank Marrero is a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. A veteran of inner-city trenches as well as privileged schools, Frank has been developing curricula to nurture and develop affective strengths (including character education, emotional fluency, moral values, and self-awareness) for a quarter century.

To see and hear Frank speaking on the the rationale for Big Philosophy for Little Kids, click HERE.

His works have been lauded with superlatives by scholars, educators, parents, and children. He holds a Masters in the Arts of Teaching, and also teaches in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at John F. Kennedy University. In addition to Affective Education, his academic specialties are in the pre-Socratic Mystery tradition and the philosophies of India. See for his writings in these areas.

Frank is also the author of Lincoln Beachey: The Man Who Owned the Sky, the definitive biography of the Forgotten Father of Aerobatics.

Frank and his (master-teacher) wife Julia are the proud parents of two bright children: 16-year-old Salem and 12-year-old Ella.  See also:

The Really Real Story of the Three Little Pigs,

co-authored with my daughter, Ella at age 7.( pdf)

See also The Real ABC’s for Ella (ABC's-all.pdf), and how an affective approach to education can take place even in kindergarten ages.

                                                  age 25